Lets make a difference

Craft with Care is built to help the community one craft at a time.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away”- Pablo Picasso



North Star Athletics

As an athlete myself with other sports, I am happy to announce our contributions will help the North Star Athletics! North Star Athletics is a Youth Cheerleading Program based in Longmeadow, MA. The contribution will help the youth continue to grow and develop team building skills (mentally and physically) and provide the drive of coming together as a team.


Westfield Soup Kitchen

Our next charity is Westfield Soup Kitchen located in Westfield, MA. Our contributions are to help those in need for more, the money will help provide food, utensil and water supplies


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How it works

Giving Back to the Community

7% of each sale is given back to the community. See above of the current charity that will receive our donation

When does a New Charity Start and Finish

The goal for each charity is to raise around $500.  Once that threshold has been reached, that charity will receive our donations and then the upcoming charity will start. 

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Decisions of Charities

We look for local charities to donate too. From athletics to kitchen, from adults to children, every cause is important 

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